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Automatic Wave Soldering Led Dip Wave Soldering Computer300

Model: SD-300
Brief: Wave Soldering Machine300
product details

Automatic Wave Soldering Led Dip Wave Soldering Computer300


Machine technical parameters

300 series

350 series



PCB board adjustable width



PCB board transport height


PCB board transport speed


PCB board transport angle (welding angle)

Standard 5.5 degree fixed: adjustable +0.5 degrees or -0.5 degrees

PCB board transportation direction


Component height limit on PCB


Preheating zone length


Number of preheating zones

3 segments

heating method

Hot air

Number of cooling zones


Tin furnace power


Tin furnace tin content



Tin furnace temperature

Room temperature~300℃

Temperature control method


Machine control mode

Siemens PLC + Siemens temperature module control

power supply

3-phase 5-wire system 380V

Starting power

max. 7kw

Air supply




Spray nozzle moving system

Driven by stepper motor, the moving speed is average, stable and reliable

Temperature control mode

Siemens temperature acquisition module, PID temperature control is accurate and reliable, imported thermocouple detection system, with thermocouple abnormal alarm function.

Adjustment mode

Manual adjustment

Manual adjustment

Japan Matsushita frequency conversion stepless speed regulation 90W motor with overload limiter protection device


* Streamlined design, internal modular design, suitable for lead-free soldering of SMT and in-line components.

* The spray system uses a centrifugal fan to draw air to prevent the flux from dripping onto the PCB.

* Flux buffer tank sensor external, more reliable and durable.

* Standard cold air knife to prevent flux from spreading outward and reducing pollution.

* Double-wave control uses stepless frequency conversion technology to independently control the peak height.

* 1/4HP high power wave motor with a maximum peak height of 15mm.

* With over-temperature sound and light alarm and emergency braking system, all motors have overload guarantee.

* The transportation system adopts stepless electronic adjustment, closed loop control, and the speed is stable and accurate.

* Pressure auxiliary device at the inlet end to prevent slippage when the PCB enters.

* Forced natural cold air system to meet the cooling slope requirements of lead-free process.

* Manual adjustment of track angle, easy to operate.

* The flux nozzle is driven by a stepper motor to ensure uniform flux coating.

* The spray system is modular in design, and the nozzles are always vertical rails to ensure good flux penetration of the PCB.

* Preheating zone is heated by hot air, high temperature, glass protection and temperature stability.

* Preheating system adopts PID control, the temperature curve is stable, and it is convenient to find the best setting for various lead-free processes.



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