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800XL SMT BGA chip laptop and motherboard LED Reflow Soldering Machine for LED line

Model: SD-800XL
Brief: Reflow Soldering Machine 800XL
product details

800XL SMT BGA chip laptop and motherboard LED Reflow Soldering Machine for LED line


Product Description

The 800XL SMT reflow soldering machine is a main equipment produced by Shengdian. It can be widely used for SMD soldering and fixing in SMT workshop for PCB board assembly, LED packaging, LED screen display, mobile phone motherboard, computer motherboard, safety control motherboard, electronic products etc. It can realize precise and stable temperature control in order to achieve fast and even soldering.

Range of application
Solder paste type: lead-free solder, ordinary solder, SMD glue;
Maximum substrate size which can be processed: 650 (mm) ;
It can be used for the following components: 0805, 0603, 0402, 0201, 01005 small component CSP, BGA, single-sided, dual-sided PCB board.

Main functions
The 800XL SMT reflow soldering machine can be used to solder the electronic parts and components such as BGA, various types of IC, QFN, resistor, capacitor, diode etc. onto LED screen display and LED substrate.

Working principle
It can melt the printed solder paste on the PCB substrate and then fix the components on the substrate by precise positioning of reflow soldering.


Engine body

Dimension L*W*H (MM)

5310 *1560*1560mm



Temperature zones

16 hot wind zones (8 upper hot wind zones and 8 lower hot wind zones), 16 temperature control zones, 3 specific cooling zones

Temperature control

Temperature control mode

All the temperature zones are controlled by temperature module PID+pulse+SSR control

Precision of temperature control

± 1 ℃

Range of temperature control

Room temperature~350 ºC

Heating up time (cooling machine start)

About 15 minutes

Temperature stabilizing time

About 2 minutes

Conveyor structure

Width of conveyor belt


Transport mode

Chain/belt transport

Transport direction

L→R, R→L (optional)

Height of transport chain

90 0 mm ±20

Transport speed

0~ 22 00 mm/min


Aluminum alloy track whose surface is hard anodized so that it has high intensity and small thermal deformation

Expansion and contraction quantity of chains

Less than 2.5 mm

Chain lubrication

Automatic lubricating device

Tension device of chains

Automatic tension of chain

Cooling system

Two cooling zones

AC 380V straight axle motor turbocharging

Fumes disposal

Pre-heating zone and constant temperature zone+pipes before and after the boiler stove pipe to discharge forcibly

Cooling mode

Elongated turbocharging cooling zone: 2 cooling zone+1 independent cooling zone

Perfectly meet the cooling rate of lead-free soldering which is 4-8 ℃/S

Control system

Power supply

3 phase 5 wire 380V

Total power


Start up power/no-load power

18 KW /0.5KW

No-load constant temperature power

About 10KW


UPS 1000VA

Conveyor motor

Motor 220 VAC 3-phase 90 W

Wind turbine motor

Taiwan SAYU high temperature motor 3 phase AC 220/380V 120W 2800 r/min

Frequency converter

The hot wind frequency is controlled by 2 frequency converter with different power which can allow reasonable adjustment on converter frequency to change the wind speed according to the products.


Superior heating coil groups from Taiwan with fast heat exchanging speed and high efficiency of heat utilization


Alarm when over temperature, and then automatically cut off the heating power

Control engine

Computer+solid state disk

Computer operating system

Specific control system for reflow soldering

Control system

Can set, reset and store parameters and analytic curve of temperature and speed


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